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       The Wacom pen is a mouse, but so much more. It can track position, like a standard mouse, but also report the pressure with which the pen is being pressed, the rotation and tilt of the pen, and what buttons on the pen are being pressed. The sample projects below outline how to access this information from the Wacom driver.

Macintosh Tablet Developer's Guide
       Sample Code
Cocoa Tiger Tablets Drawing application which uses built-in AppKit support for the full suite of tablet events.
Cocoa Simple AppKit sample code for pressure-sensitive drawing.
Cocoa Complex Extension of Cocoa Simple, gets all tablet info except dual device.
Tablet Controls Demonstrates how applications can take control of tablet properties using Wacom's Apple Event interface. Includes samples for modifying ExpressKeys, Touch Rings/Strips, and Intuos4 OLED displays, as well as a utility library upon which you can base your own custom application.
Tablet Mapping Shows how to write an application that maps from the tablet space to a screen, the whole desktop, or just a single window
Tablet Driver Summary Shows how to access tablet properties and settings via AppleScript.

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       Touch Functions

       Following is a list of the supported gestures for OS 10.4 and greater, and the respective default functions that the driver sends to the application:

 2-Finger Gesture  Function sent to API
  Zoom in   opt+f16 *
  Zoom out   opt+f15 *
  Rotate CW   opt+f13 (5° increments);
  Rotate CCW   opt+f14 (5° increments)
  Vertical scroll   scroll messages - vertical
  Horizontal scroll   scroll messages - horizontal
 3-Finger Gesture  Function sent to API
  Swipe to right   command+] (forward)
  Swipe to left   command+[ (back)
 4-Finger Gesture  Function sent to API
  Swipe to left/right   command+tab (app switcher)
  Swipe up   F4 (show desktop)
  Swipe down   F9 (show/hide exposé)

       * Requires driver v.5.2.1 or later (available for downloading at www.wacom.com/downloads/drivers.php) .

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