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       Code Samples

Tilt Test Demonstrates pressure, use of the eraser and pen tilt properties
Tablet Controls Shows how to handle express key, touch ring and touch strip controls
Pressure Test Demonstrates how to detect and display pen pressure
MFC Demo Shows how to capture data packets and scribble with the pen
DuoHand Demonstrates how to implement dual stylus support for the Intous 2 using a cursor mask
CAD test Shows how a CAD program might use WinTab
WintabDN Interface, scribble and tablet control samples using Wintab .NET

       Touch Functions

       Following is a list of the supported gestures and the respective default functions that the driver sends to the application:
 2-Finger Gesture  Function sent to API
  Zoom in   ctrl+wheel up
  Zoom out   ctrl+wheel down
  Rotate CW   alt+f13 (5° increments) *
  Rotate CCW   alt+f14 (5° increments) *
  Vertical scroll   wheel
  Horizontal scroll   WM_HSCROLL
 3-Finger Gesture  Function sent to API
  Swipe to right   5th click (forward)
  Swipe to left   4th click (back)
 4-Finger Gestures  Function sent to API
 Swipe left or right   alt-tab (application switcher)
 Swipe Down   windows + tab (flip 3D)
 Swipe Up   windows + D (Show desktop)

       * Requires driver v.5.2.1 or later (available for downloading at www.wacom.com/downloads/drivers.php) .

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